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Sports & Entertainment Marketing

This course explores the principles and practices of the process of Marketing through the prism of the Sports and Entertainment and it's importance within the business world.

Marketing includes a broad range of activities to create satisfying exchange relationships in a dynamic environment through creation, distribution, promotion, pricing of goods/product/service planning and financing.

Course Requirements, Classroom Polices & Procedures  

Financial Literacy

This is a business course that stresses the opportunities and challenges of managing your personal finances.  You will learn about managing money, handling a checking account, and the skills necessary to invest your money wisely.

Expect to interact and participate in this course. Students will complete chapter activities, discuss news articles, do Internet activities, create special projects, conduct group work, and make presentations.

Course Requirements, Classroom Polices & Procedures 

Web Design

This course is designed to provide students the opportunity to develop professional-looking, quality web pages that encompass the organizational and formatting skills of web page construction.  By analyzing and evaluating selected web sites, students will be able to collaborate with classmates on the characteristics of an exceptional web site.  Furthermore, Web Page Design will provide students with foundation to successful career opportunities.  The skills developed in this class will enable student to create quality-looking websites, which is a valuable tool in the professional world.

Course Requirements, Classroom Polices & Procedures