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Introduction Assignment (Rules Contract - Greatest Moments paper)

Financial Literacy 101 

Pre-Test Assignments 

Lesson 1 Time Managment - Reading/Math Quiz; SIM

Video Assignment: Interview - Worksheet

Lesson 2 Finding a Job - Reading/Math Quiz; SIM

Steve Jobs Commencement Address

Create a Resume and Complete Interview worksheet -- using the reading material resume format create a basic resume for your self.  After watching the video presentation answer the top 8 questions you may be asked during a job interview



Top Ten Job Interview Questions 

Lesson 3 - Education and Advancement - Reading/Math Quiz; SIM
Unit Test -- Lessons 1-3 - Test Date is 3/6&7
Pursuit of Happyness -- Video worksheet (HW Grade) and Essay project (Quiz Grade)  
Lesson 4 - Budgeting - Reading/Math Quiz; SIM
Create a Table comparing 3 Banks Saving Accounts; Factors to compare - Fees; Interest Rates; Do they offer Free Banking?; Minimum Balance - Worksheet 
Diary of Expenses for 1 week - Personal Budget
Budget Worksheet - Complete worksheet and hand in on Friday
Lesson 5 Choosing and Balancing a Checking Account
Lesson 6 Using Online Banking
Lesson 7 Paying Your Taxes
Lesson 8 Shopping 
Lesson 9 - Finding an Apartment - Notes, Reading&Math Quiz, Simulation
Use the following link to complete apartment comparison
Use the following worksheet to compare Apartments
Lesson 9 Activity - Use the Web-Site to compare 3 apartments and choose the best one for you.  Complete the comparison worksheet -- hand in for classwork grade.
Lesson 10 Insurance
Lesson 11 Buying a Car
Dream Car Assignment Advertisement
Lesson 11: Create an advertisement on the computer for your dream car.  Include - Make & Model; Price; Features; graphic; Original Ad
Lesson 12 Getting a Credit Card
Lesson 13 Fixing Your Credit
Lesson 14 Intro to Investing
Lesson 15 Risk vs Return